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European Artworks

Magnifico is the daily dose of Europe's cultural, artistic and emotional heritage.

  1. A nude woman doing her hair before a mirror
  2. Adoration of the Christ Child
  3. Anthropometry of the Blue Period (ANT 82)
  4. Aphrodite of Milo
  5. Apollo and Daphne
  6. Assumption of the Virgin
  7. Barrier
  8. Battle of Grunwald
  9. Bonaparte visiting the plague victims of Jaffa
  10. Boy with a basket of fruit
  11. Capo di Noli
  12. Castle and Sun
  13. Chestnut trees in Louveciennes
  14. Cut with the Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany
  15. Dance at Le moulin de la Galette
  16. David
  17. Dionysus cup
  18. Dormition of the Virgin
  19. Ecce Homo
  20. Feast of the rosary
  21. Fishermen at sea
  22. Five women at the street
  23. Fruit dish
  24. Harald Nørregaard and Aase Nørregaard
  25. Hercules slaying the Hydra
  1. Impression, sunrise
  2. Intercession of Charles Borromeo supported by the Virgin Mary
  3. Jupiter and Semele
  4. Lamentation of Christ
  5. Landscape with cows
  6. Libro d'Ore Durazzo
  7. Madonna with machine gun
  8. Martin Luther
  9. Mary Rose Tudor
  10. Miracle of the slave
  11. Niccolò Mauruzi da Tolentino unseats Bernardino della Ciarda at the Battle of San Romano
  12. Oath of the Horatii
  13. Ognissanti Madonna
  14. Pietà
  15. Portrait of Jacques Nayral
  16. Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne
  17. Portrait of Mademoiselle Irène Cahen d'Anvers (Little Irene)
  18. Primavera
  19. Psyche revived by Cupid's kiss
  20. Resurrection
  21. Saint Paul the hermit
  22. St. Peter in His Throne
  23. Starry night over the Rhône
  24. The accolade
  25. The Arnolfini Portrait
  1. The ballet class
  2. The Baptism of the Neophytes
  3. The birth of Venus
  4. The burning giraffe
  5. The card players
  6. The conversion of Mary Magdalene
  7. The death of Priam
  8. The Desperate Man
  9. The disquieting Muses
  10. The drunkard
  11. The Elephant Celebes
  12. The embarkation for Cythera
  13. The Feast of Saint Nicholas
  14. The flagellation of Christ
  15. The floor scrapers
  16. The Holy Trinity
  17. The Immaculate Conception
  18. The Ligurians trade
  19. The Lomellini family
  20. The luncheon on the grass
  21. The milkmaid
  22. The Monarch of the Glen
  23. The Night Watch
  24. The peasant wedding
  25. The rape of Proserpine
  1. The reading
  2. The School of Athens
  3. The swan nr 17
  4. The tailor's workshop
  5. The tempest
  6. The temptation of Saint Anthony
  7. The Thinker
  8. The third of may 1808
  9. The Vale of Dedham
  10. The Virgin with the grapes
  11. The wounded angel
  12. Three studies for figures at the base of a Crucifixion
  13. Three women
  14. Untitled
  15. Vegetable fields
  16. Vertumnus
  17. Victory Boogie Woogie
  18. View of Luxembourg from the Fetschenhof
  19. Virgin Annunciate
  20. Vision after the sermon
  21. Wanderer above the Sea of Fog
  22. Woman reading